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The Costura sofa collection is a Jon Gasca design for STUA.
The Costura sofa refers to the noble tradition of tailoring that guided the design process. In San Sebastián, the home of renowned fashion designers such as Balenciaga, small workshops have been dressing citizens for decades with impeccably tailored suits and dresses.
STUA wanted to revive this tradition, working with craftsmen to create an upholstery fabric that is like a suit that covers the innovative interior structure. Once again, STUA delivers a surprising design that reflects timelessness while adding an innovative spirit.
Costura now offers an infinite number of configurations.
COSTURA TEXTILES: STUA has a collection of 70 fabrics in stock. These are fabrics that are specially adapted to the Costura design. One of them is the flagship fabric, Airone 410, which has a delivery time of 10 days.
LEATHER COSTURA: STUA offers Costura in six leather colours, four house leathers and also in Elmo Soft grey and Elmo Baltic Camel.
OTHER KVADRATS TEXTILES FOR COSTURA: Please see the FINISH option on this page to see which Kvadrat textiles have been approved and which price group they belong to.

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