Aménagement de bureau

Votre mobilier, notre métier.

Vous souhaitez revoir vos espaces de travails ?
Votre mobilier de bureau n’est plus en phase avec votre entreprise ?
Vous cherchez à améliorer le confort de vos collaborateurs ?
Vous allez déménager ? 

Nous pouvons vous aider.

Nous avons remarqué que le temps, les contraintes, les espaces, le budget et les objectifs de chaque entreprise sont réellement uniques.
C’est pourquoi, nous vous accompagnons et gérons, en nous entourant d’architectes d’intérieurs, votre projet de manière personnelle.

Prendre rendez-vous

Les tendances actuelles et de demain....

Activity-based working

What is ABW (activity-based working)?
It is based on the premise that people carry out a variety of activities in their daily work and that, therefore, to perform their tasks effectively, they need different conditions, supported by the right technology and culture. Should I call in a furniture manufacturer? Adapting the office to employees is becoming increasingly important - which is why it's worth exploring the emerging possibilities and benefits resulting from the application of ABW in workspace design.

The concept of activity-based working
Allowing each employee to organise their activities according to their needs helps them to make the most of their potential. ABW is based on the principle that an employee does not have a fixed workspace, such as a permanently allocated desk. Instead, they choose a desk each day according to their current needs. As activities can vary, choosing the right office furniture is crucial. 


Fluido - dynamic

Fluido is synonymous with freedom of expression, the ability to choose how you want to be, to be able to change by opting for different possibilities. Fluido furnishes every environment, from the home to the office to the hotel, with solutions that can be customised on the spot and transformed at any time by simple gestures.



Meet and Seat combines an ergonomic workstation, clever storage space, lounge furniture and space for spontaneous meetings in a single product. The freely selectable configurations offer countless possibilities for designing workstations, meeting islands, free-standing project islands and central areas. Here, apparent contradictions become complementary features. Concentration and collaborative working in one place.


NWOW and AGILE solution

Offa is a line of furniture made up of over a dozen models that allow you to build a flexible workspace based on agility. All the pieces are mobile, making the office adaptable and responsive to the changing needs of collaborative teams. Multifunctional sideboards, cupboards and high tables combined with footstools, side tables and writing boards
create a complex solution.