high tables

take care of your visitors, your customers, your employees: relaxation or coworking areas, restaurant and reception

To inspire you, we present a selection of high tables to welcome your visitors, to set up your restaurant, your receptions, your coworking and relaxation places. The combinations of colours, shapes, sizes, prices and standing are endless, so do not hesitate to make an appointment for a visit to our showroom or to contact us . We promise to get back to you as soon as possible.


Bar table or desk, contemporary industrial style. To create a dining area, a co-working space or to work at height. Design and production 100% made in Italy.

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Boardbar high table

The high boardbar table makes it possible to create impromptu standing meetings while being able to access drinks or documents directly in the cabinet. The advantage of this high table is that it is completely removable.

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The Biplane collection includes various sizes: round, oval, square and rectangular. This high table is also available in a height of 39 cm for living room tables and can also be designed as a dining table.

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On-up is a high desk to be used for short working time where you can charge your phone, isolate acoustically to make business calls, talk confidentially. The work top hides a space to install: LED lights, speakers connected wirelessly with your own electronic devices and a USB for charging.

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Cicerone is a collection of tables with the top available in laminated HPL or tempered glass in transparent finish. The structure that supports the top is equipped with bag hooks made of polished or epoxy powder coated aluminium.

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Trigon hot table

Trigon is a bar table that not only fits in restaurants or canteens, but also in an open space to facilitate spontaneous meetings or short discussions. The Trigon high table makes a striking combination in any environment.

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ceka table haute

Telescopic system

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Tables basses et tables de conférence pour votre co-working

We offer a wide range of conference tables. They are suitable for all room sizes and meet all customer preferences (shape, size, design and colour).

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